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When Ants Go Marching In

They love warm weather, travel in groups, they're always hungry and overstay their welcome. Teenagers on summer vacation? Relatives from out of town? No, summer's here and that means picnics, barbeques and (oh no) ants! That's right, they're pests indeed.

Wintertime Green Thumb

Do you miss the great taste of fresh-from-the-garden spices and veggies? Then start a little mini-garden in your kitchen by planting some fresh herbs and vegetables. It's really pretty easy. All you need are some planters, soil, seeds and light.

Feeder Fear

In theory, bird feeders are simple. You hang it, fill with seed and watch the little flyers fight for food. But here's a wrinkle: Feeders can harbor diseases (such as salmonella), and spread them to your winged guests. Luckily, the solution is simple.