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Is It Time To Fertilize?

Once the early signs of spring arrive, rake the leaves and debris off your lawn and check it for signs of new growth. Most grass carries a bit of green color through the winter. But when you start to see a bit more green apply a fertilizer to help the lawn grow faster.

For The Birds

Ahh spring, when a birds' attention turns towards mating. Which means nesting and, if you supply an attractive site for them, you'll end up with a backyard brood that provides constant entertainment. There's plenty of room for creativity in the design of a birdhouse, from pseudo-Victorian styles to zestier models that can echo an alien space ship.

Snack-Time For the Birds

Different sized bird feeders are created for different sized birds. Makes complete sense but it's more important than you would think. Larger birds, such as cardinals and mourning doves, tend to feed on hopper-type feeders that release food onto a tray where they can land.

Feeder Fear

In theory, bird feeders are simple. You hang it, fill with seed and watch the little flyers fight for food. But here's a wrinkle: Feeders can harbor diseases (such as salmonella), and spread them to your winged guests. Luckily, the solution is simple.

That's a Wrap

Winter can bring temperature extremes and fluctuations that can be detrimental to many plants. Sunscald can occur when there are cold bright days. The target area is the southern exposure of the tree trunk. The direct suns rays can raise bark temperature which can cause cell activity.