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  • UPC: 021964500597
  • Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
  • SKU: 1-012734

This Droll Yankees New Generation Finch Feeder has the attraction of a Finch Sock but the durability of metal! Squirrels NOT welcome! For Nyjer thistle seed.

  • UPC: 078978003910
  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation
  • SKU: 1-012573

Add some color to your landscape with the Perky-Pet® Blue Metal Tube Bird Feeder! This lovely feeder is a modern addition to your garden, backyard or patio. Easily fill the Perky-Pet® Blue Metal Tube Bird Feeder with up to 1 lb of seed, place in a quiet and convenient place and watch as a variety of birds flock to your feeder.

  • SKU: 1-010556

Hummingbird season is upon us! Be prepared for our humming feathered friends with this beautiful hummingbird feeder. Available at Plymouth Nursery.

  • SKU: 1-005002
  • Model Number: YF

Keep your feathered friends well-fed with the Yankee Flipper squirrel-proof bird feeder. Birds will not set it off, not even larger species like Woodpeckers and Cardinals. But the minute a squirrel hops on to the perch, the motor is triggered and the feeder begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip and is thrown gently from the perch.

  • SKU: 1-004723
  • Model Number: CS753

The C&S Wire Nugget Feeder makes nugget feeding a breeze. This plastic coated green wire nugget feeder is specifically designed for holding over 2 lbs. of Nuggets Plus. No worries – no assembly required.

  • UPC: 742933744056
  • Manufacturer: Duncraft Bird Feeders

One way mirror film lets you see the birds, but they can¹t see you. 11 1/2'' x 6'' x 3 1/2''. Easy to fill and clean. Heavy duty suction cups secure feeder. Comes with an 8 x 14" sheet of mirror film to place on the inside of your window. Mirror film is easy to adhere with water or Windex and can be repositioned at any time. Holds 1 lb. seed.

  • Model Number: 1-001473

Sunflower seed feeder. All metal design lasts for years, attracts clinging and perching birds. Holds 2 1/2 lb. sunflower seed - feeds 10-15 birds at a time. Squirrel damage resistant.

  • UPC: 745487057023
  • Manufacturer: Gardman USA
  • SKU: 1-003933
  • Model Number: BA 05702

These charming Blown Glass Sphere Hummingbird Feeders instantly add character to your hummingbird feeder collection. Made of hand blown glass, these feeders have a single red feeder port and hold 19 ounces of nectar