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  • UPC: 843259101353
  • SKU: 1-012687

Can be used stand-alone or as interchangeable inserts in our MatMates™ Outdoor Doormat trays or Indoor Comfort Trays™

  • UPC: 932271011436
  • Manufacturer: Mad Mats
  • SKU: 1-012084

Bring home a little North African style with this classic Berber repeat pattern. Simple and elegant, this contemplative design almost begs you and your guests to plop down around the tagine and dip in!

  • UPC: 727744229268

Plymouth Nursery has many cool designs of these gorgeous Gazing Balls! This beautiful mosaic globe is designed to be shatterproof and non-tarnishing. It features a stem at the base with rubber stoppers for a sturdy fit into stands.

  • UPC: 096069101468
  • SKU: 1-009949

This natural looking stone adds inspiration and cheerful touch to your garden. 

  • UPC: 013051590536
  • Manufacturer: Grasslands Road

A soothing sight to see and sound to hear. Enjoy this rain chain on your porch during a rainy day!

  • UPC: 077784021705
  • Manufacturer: Precision
  • SKU: 1-009932
  • Model Number: 480BZ

Taylor's new Heritage line offers classically styled weather instruments, such as the Taylor 480BZ dial thermometer. This refined piece combines elegant, retro design elements with the modern functionality that Taylor promises.

  • UPC: 843259081655
  • SKU: 1-010367

 Our 20-inch Survivor Art Pole is a beautiful symbol of hope, strength, and courage for anyone who has been affected by cancer. It was designed by breast cancer survivor Stephanie Burgess, the artist behind our Painted Peace collection.

This Garden Bowl will fit in any setting around your home or garden!

  • SKU: 1-010361

A Studio M exclusive, Art Poles are an impactful way to bring beautiful artwork to any landscape. Ultra-durable for years of enjoyment. No digging required. 

Now you can cheer on your favorite team with these adorable flamingos! College colors available at Plymouth Nursery.

Decorate your fall landscape with ceramic pumpkin lanterns from Plymouth Nursery! We have many shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

  • SKU: 1-006804
  • Model Number: T516

The Corinthian Bells®  50" T516 wind chime rings with incredible clarity and spreads tranquil music throughout your yard. Made in the USA.

  • SKU: 1-007804
  • Model Number: UM8120DWV

Instant shade - where ever & when ever you need it!

  • SKU: 1-007358

A true fan of grilling doesn't let the changing of the season stop them from having a perfectly cooked steak or delicious grilled vegetables, not when they purchase this stylish and functional grill gazebo!

  • Manufacturer: Mad Mats
  • SKU: 1-006780

The ornate scroll work of wrought iron outdoor furnishings and grilles has dressed-up patios, balconies and back yards since the 17th century. And now our NEW Wrought Iron area rugs can do the same for you! Fully weather proof, they look great on patios, decks, and poolside. And as all our products, these mats are utterly carefree and easily cleaned with garden friendly soap and a hose.

Treasure Garden's AKZ Cantilevers is the best selling Collar Tilt in the market! Treasure Garden has the perfect shade solution for your outdoor environment.

  • SKU: 3900-113

2-piece, 100% stainless steel, flexible grilling skewer. The Fire Wire® Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewer is a simple tool that solves a lot of complicated grilling problems. This flexible cable style skewer allows you to effectively use the space on your grill like never before.

Dance with the leaves of this 32" large metal kinetic Maha Rasa Garden Wind Spinner! Handcrafted metal spinner has been reinforced with a high quality and durability design. Stainless-steel bearings with super strong iron bearing casing to keep thick blades attached, large durable ball bearings for the best spinning action, extra thick and strong pole and ground stakes! Painted in vibrant metallic paints that glisten in the sun and dazzle as they spin. This new kinetic stake will blow you away!

  • UPC: 606115537013

For the Girls® pink wind chimes have been created to benefit breast cancer charities. We’ve partnered with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® and with the Joy to Life Foundation, two organizations serving women with and at risk of breast cancer. Made in USA by QMT Windchimes.

Set of 3, Black metal with glass inserts. Decorative and fucntional. For indoor or outdoor use.

  • UPC: 077924074882
  • Manufacturer: Weber Grills & Accessories
  • Model Number: 306434

Just the right tool to grill veggies that would otherwise fall through the cooking grate.

These turtles begin as a granite boulder that is selected because it has the proper size and characteristics needed to be transformed into a turtle.

  • SKU: 1-001748

Rainwater playfully dances and flows down these handcrafted channels, creating a delightful focal point for your outdoor enjoyment. 

Translucent, clear mosaic globe, looks great stuffed with Angel Tear Christmas lights. By Commerce Corporation.

This natural looking stone adds inspiration and cheerful touch to your garden. Inscription "Believe" engraved in batang font. Cut out silhouette of dove suspended in flight.