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One of the very hardiest red fall-coloring shade trees available, this hybrid maple features a uniform branching habit and attractive pyramidal-oval shape; tolerant of alkaline, acidic and wet soil conditions, stronger wood than other hybrids.

Yellowwood Tree is known for having one of the best flowering displays of flowering trees! Pick up yours today from Plymouth Nursery.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

One of the finest evergreens for screening or windbreak, this upright conifer is versatile, strong-rooted and virtually disease-free. Its uniform shape seldom needs pruning, but responds well to shearing. Thrives in southern heat and humidity. Durable, handsome accent tree.

An incredibly artistic accent plant for the garden, featuring lacy foliage that emerges a beautiful crimson-red and fades to a purple-green in summer, turning stunning fiery shades of color in fall; best planted in a sheltered location.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

This compact, slow growing tree forms a dense, symmetrically rounded crown with deep green foliage. Coral pink buds open to semi-double, rose-pink flowers. Very disease resistant to scab as well as fireblight, cedar-apple rust and mildew. Produces a light crop of small, bronze-red ornamental fruit. Deciduous.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Choice evergreen accent with weeping spreading branches. Needles have excellent rich green color. Grown on a stake to feature the pendulous nature of the branches. Cones are exceptionally showy. Terrific for weeping over walls.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple is the standard for comparison in Sugar Maples. It is the most widely planted selection and has proven itself well over time. It is probably the hardiest Sugar Maple and is the best choice for northern areas. It provides reliable fall color which is unrivaled by any other tree, and there is no substitute for their vivid fall display.

Distinctive, pyramid shaped pine with long, twisted silvery blue-green needles displayed on dense branches. A superior selection for lawn specimen and accent. Resistant to insects and disease. Evergreen.

The Japanese cedar is pyramidal when young, but at maturity the crown opens to an irregular, narrow oval form. The straight, tapered trunk, which may develop to 3 feet in diameter, supports wide-spreading branches with drooping branchlets. Branches of mature specimens will droop to the ground. The reddish-brown bark peels off in long strips, and is attractive in all seasons. The short (½ inch), glossy blue-green needles are spirally arranged, clasping the shoots and pointing toward the end of the stems, creating a "foxtail" effect. The foliage turns bronze in winter.

A street tree Amelanchier with exceptional form. A dominant central leader supports strongly upward-oriented scaffold branches. Pure white, lacy blooms smother a delicate latticework of twigs in spring. These give way to healthy green foliage that turns orange in the fall. Plant in moist, well drained acid soil in sun or part shade.

Large, sweet, dark fruit on a rugged grower-friendly tree. Very cold hardy and resistant to bacterial canker. Semi-dwarf tree.

Early bloomer with large, fragrant, double white flowers appearing before the foliage emerges in spring. Open-branched, multi-trunked large shrub or small tree. Deciduous.

  • SKU: 0635-236

3-4', #10 pot. A shade-tolerant native tree with soft, light green needles in clusters of five that reaches a height of 80 feet. Fast growing.

Brilliant red fall color plus upright, broadly pyramidal form make this Schmidt introduction a standout. The refined form and foliage of the best Acer rubrum cultivars combine with the faster growth rate normally found in Acer x freemanii. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that make it easier to grow.

Hibiscus syriacus 'Aphrodite'

This upright grower can be found as a shrub or small tree. Single-petalled rose-pink blooms with a deep red eye, open in August and bloom longer.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

A strong, sturdy and hardy specimen plant with a graceful cascading effect which is accentuated by the large, finely cut leaves. Foliage is medium green all summer, changing to brilliant gold with orange overtones in fall.

  • Model Number: Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.'

Brilliant red fall color on an upright, broadly pyramidal form. The refined form and foliage of the best red maple cultivars combine with the faster growth rate in Acer x fremanii. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that resist breakage. Tolerates clay soil. Native tree.

Large, 4-5'' deep yellow flowers run up and down the branches in April. Prune after flowering. Single stem, narrow pyramidal tree. Deep green leaves turn yellow in fall. For best results plant in part to light shade with Canadian peat moss. Keep evenly moist in well draining soil.

Deep red flower panicles are 10'' long and bloom upright in the tree early to mid May. Foliage is lustrous dark green and palmately compound. A beautiful flowering shade tree. Plant in full sun or light shade in  moist, well drained soil using Canadian peat.

  • Model Number: 8967-236

The perfect hedge plant for tight spaces with strong topiary value. Very columnar form produces lustrous dark green leaves with lighter underside. Medium to fine texture foliage does not brown-out in winter. Moderately fast grower. Widely adaptable in well drained soils; preference for limestone soils with PH 6 or higher. Evergreen. Full sun.

This upright, narrow, columnar evergreen features foliage with golden new growth. 3-5'H x 1-2' spread.

A compact, slow-growing conical False Cypress with graceful, soft fern-like branches. 6-10'H x 6-10' spread.

Acer palmatum (Crimson Queen) Height 5-9' Spread 8-12'. Finely cut burgundy-red foliage is displayed throughout the growing season on this small tree. An outstanding accent plant. Scarlet fall color.Delicately arching branches create a spreading, mounded form on this strong grower. Perfect for small space gardens. Plant high with plenty of topsoil and/or peat moss.

Acer palmatum (Sango-Kaku) Height 15-20'. Spread 12-15'. Beautiful small tree has brilliant coral bark on young branches; color intensifies in the winter. Deeply cut light green leaves display attractive red margins; turn golden in fall. Deciduous. Moderate growing to 15-20 feet high, almost as wide. perfect for small space gardens. Plant high with plenty of topsoil and/or peat moss in full to partial sun. Beneficial when young to wrap trunk for winter. Mulch well.

Height: 4-6 ft. Zone: 5. Spread: 3-5 ft. This small, bushy tree is stiffly upright and has small variegated leaves-no two are alike. In spring and fall the cream part may have pink to magenta tones for a spectacular show. Ideal specimen for small gardens. Handle this plant carefully because it is fragile. Plant in full sun or light shade in a wind-protected area. Place high in the ground with plenty of topsoil and/or peat moss.