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25lb plastic bag with convenient carrying handle. Mix is sunflower seed, millet, milo, corn, peanuts, cranberries, and more. Birds will flock to your feeder!

  • UPC: 018222505593
  • Manufacturer: C & S
  • SKU: 1-012139

Rendered Beef Suet, Corn, White Millet, Roasted Peanuts, Oats, Milk. Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heat. They will return to normal hardness at room temperature. Our high quality allows suet to be fed in all weather conditions, year round.

  • UPC: 085045000093
  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • Model Number: B-9

Keep your bird baths free of ice for your feathered friends this winter. This item has a uniquely constructed pattern heater on aluminum foil.