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  • Model Number: 1-200076

Dainty fairy with beautiful, precise detailing. Many available for collecting.

  • Model Number: 1-001288

Shroomyz are handcrafted and hand painted ceramic mushrooms by JJ Potts in Utah. They are stunning works of art (yes, you can call fungi a work of art) created for your garden and home.

These dwarf evergreens grow very slowly. Perfect for Fairy gardens and outdoor model train landscaping.

  • UPC: 746851582851
  • Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises
  • SKU: 1-001442

Beautifully crafted Fairy 6.25”T x 5.5”W x 5.5”D. For any sweet little girl...or big girl!

Hand made stone cottages by Adam New. Each one is unique with details. Purchase for your miniature garden, or resident fairy. Manufactured by The Little White Barn Co.

  • SKU: 190303

Made in the USA! Hand-made miniature houses that are PERFECT for container fairy gardens. Fairies sold separately. Manufactured by The Little White Barn Company.

  • UPC: 693061164837

A unique fairy home designed to fit with other Fairy Homes to make a wonderful little village.

Air Plants are known as epiphytes...plants that absorb what they need from the air through their leaves, not through their roots. They are unusually hardy, surviving temeraptures from 35 to 120 degrees. Air Plants are able to tolerate long periods without water, but it is also difficult to overwater them and they do not need direct sun.

  • Model Number: GG128

This colorful, mini gazebo designed by Genevieve Gail comes with the beaded chandelier and features all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish.

  • UPC: 693061164950
  • SKU: 1-001786

Make your fairytale come to life in your very own home or garden! This Pumpkin House fairy home, part of the Fiddlehead village collection can be used indoors, outdoors, in a planter or garden. The Log house is 7.5" tall. It is finely sculpted, hand painted, and has a weather resistant finish. This whimsical little abode will attract the most discerning fairies to your garden!

  • UPC: 794504836356

Candy Shoppe Fairy House makes a sweet statement in the garden. With colorful candy such a sweet little house for all the fairies to enjoy!

Bridge, patio set, wheelbarrow, door, planters, stepping stones and so much more! Also Fairy Camp accessories....tent, fire-pit, picnic table and more!

We have the plants you need to create your own Miniature Fairy Garden! Stop by and see our other Fairy Garden Accessories to complete your Miniature Garden.

  • Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises
  • SKU: 1-006695
  • Model Number: 84973MG

Focus closely and it looks like a real tailgate! Set up this mini garden inside or out for a great way to show your team pride. It's a great centerpiece for your tailgate parties. This includes tailgate tent, table, 2 chairs, cooler, beverage tub, grill and pickup truck. 3-3/4"W x 3" Sq.

  • SKU: 1-007750
  • Model Number: GG216

This mini roadside stand designed by Genevieve Gail features removable table, colorful, all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish. Studio M by Magnet Works.

  • SKU: 1-007749
  • Model Number: GG215

This mini barn designed by Genevieve Gail features opening doors, colorful, all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish.

Whimsical fairy gardens are not limited to summertime gardens, but can easily be brought indoors and even given a winter theme. Young and old find fairy gardens enchanting and charming, and having a small garden to tend during the cold months is more fun when it has a bit of whimsy. Let imagination run free to create a tiny garden that can be tucked into any corner.

  • SKU: 1-008708

Make your fairytale come to life in your very own home or garden! This whimsical little fall decoration will attract the most discerning fairies to your garden!

  • SKU: 1-002304

Add another classic Georgetown USA piece to your Fairy Collection! Our pick this month, is the Woodland Fairy House.

What better way to display your mini fairy garden than in this adorable little teacup! Pick up your Mini Wonderland Teacup today from Plymouth Nursery. While you're here, browse our other Fairy & Mini Gardening supplies!

  • SKU: 1-010284

Every little gardener needs a good potting shed, and this is the perfect one for the job! With its bright blue door, it will stand out in any mini garden.

  • UPC: 748252032829
  • Manufacturer: George Whimsical Garden Art

Takes in the sun during the day to glow at night! 

  • UPC: 843259115992

Create a magical mini fairy garden! Plymouth Nursery carries a very large collection of other mini fairy garden accessories, mini fairy garden houses, supplies and more.

  • UPC: 843259116326

Whether knitting a scarf or sewing a quilt, Charlotte loves creating hand-made gifts for her friends.