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  • UPC: 037321002505
  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • SKU: 125670
Manufacturer: Bonide Products Inc. Natural insect controls for fruit, vegetables, flowers & ornamentals. Replaces rotenone uses for natural insect control.

  • UPC: 037321009511
  • Manufacturer: Bonide

Treat your vacationing houseplants that are outside before you bring them into the house for winter. Rid the hitch-hikers before they get inside.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

All natural, residual formula repels mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other nuisance insects for up to 2 weeks. Great for lawns, patios, gardens, barns....Any outdoor area. Pleasantly scented. 1 quart treats 5000 sq. ft. Contains Cedar Oil, Citronella, Geranium Oil and Lemon Oil. Convenient, no-mix ready-to-spray applicator.

  • SKU: 3125-135

Delivered to your door! A favorite “good bug” and alternative to chemicals, ladybugs have been a popular part of the Orcon line of beneficial insects for over 20 years. When released at sundown (because they don’t fly at night), ladybugs eat aphids, mealy bugs, scale, leaf hoppers, various plant-eating worms and other destructive soft-bodied pests. And they keep on eating until the bad guys are gone, laying their own eggs in the process. When new pests arrive, fresh ladybugs will be waiting.