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  • UPC: 052088079355
  • SKU: 694331
Manufacturer: AMPAC L.L.C. 12" x 16" x 36" paper lawn & leaf bag, 30 gallon capacity

Ergonomic aluminum transplanter. Minimizes hand and wrist stress. Light weight, strong, lifetime guarantee.

  • UPC: 638104100687
  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • SKU: 1-014509
  • Model Number: JSV4

Start with seeds and watch them grow; then, when plants get too  tall for your original kit, just snap on the 2' extension bars* and continue growing.

  • UPC: 655972981859
  • Manufacturer: Exhart
  • SKU: 1-001245

Low profile slow release watering bag for new trees, shrubs and evergreens.

Place • Fill • Walk away

  • Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
  • Model Number: HDP33

Dig precise holes for bulbs.

  • Manufacturer: Wells Lamont

Wells Lamont Women's Gardening Gloves, Nitrile Coated Knit, Small - Women's Wet and Muddy Conditions nitrile palm coated knit gloves are a must have for any gardener. Form fitting with excellent wet and dry grip nitrile palm coating keeps your hands clean and dry.

  • UPC: 036434148018
  • Manufacturer: The Dramm Corporation
  • SKU: 1-003181

With Dramm 30" Rain Wand One Touch, you'll have complete water flow control with just one touch of your thumb!

  • SKU: 1-004539

Ultra-cushion kneeler with memory foam technology. Kneelo® is comfortable, practical, lightweight and easy to carry. Generously sized, with contoured edges, Kneelo® allows you to work in cushioned comfort for prolonged periods of time. Whether you are gardening, decorating, scrubbing the floor or at a picnic, don't forget your Kneelo®.

  • Manufacturer: The Dramm Corporation
  • Model Number: 128027

30" one touch rain wand, with thumb actuated valve. 30" color anodized tubing. Assorted colors.

  • UPC: 641341144307

The Down Under Plant Caddie allows you to move pots up to 500 lbs with ease on five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheel casters. One locking caster helps keep the caddie securely in place.

  • UPC: 038313000608
  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • SKU: 2701-010
  • Model Number: BP 3160

Designed for general purpose pruning. Features 3/4" diameter cutting capacity, forged radial-arc bypass blade, and fully heat-treated forged coronium steel alloy construction. Slant ground, narrow profile hook. Precision-machined, self-aligning pivot bolt, sap groove, non-slip cushioned grips. Lifetime warranty.

  • UPC: 036434170033
  • Manufacturer: The Dramm Corporation

Dramm ColorStorm™ premium rubber hose is the best hose available on the market. Made of EPDM rubber, this hose won’t crack, check or separate. Sure-Grip™ technology resists kinking and coils easily, even in cold weather. Durable, abrasion resistant cover in six brilliant colors that will stand out in your yard. Professional quality for the home owner. Made in the U.S.A.

  • UPC: 638104006538
  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • SKU: 1-014511
  • Model Number: FLF27D

Hydrofarm's desktop plant light offers illumination and versatility for indoor growing. The lamp has a flexible neck and adjustable height to provide clean and balanced light that works for seed starting, small potted plants or even as a reading lamp. No matter the use, Hydrofarm's desktop lamp provides energy efficient, flicker-free performance that will be good for your plants for years to come.

  • Model Number: 2021

We all recognize the iconic Monarch butterfly with its majestic orange and black wings. Unfortunately, the butterfly we all know and love is losing its habitat, specifically milkweed, to modern farming methods and population development. To help the Monarchs, Botanical Interests is supporting the National Wildlife Federation’s Butterfly Hero Campaign by donating seed packets to their Butterfly Garden Kit. As home gardeners, we can help to replenish the Monarch habitat by sowing milkweed and other butterfly-friendly varieties in our home, school, and community gardens. Buy some today and wait for the butterflies to arrive!

  • UPC: 817085012237
  • SKU: 1-010881

Watering is incredibly convenient with the patented, 2-in-1, Radius Butterfly. Use as an ergonomic, handheld spray nozzle or open its unique wings to sprinkle up to 870 square feet with a gentle shower. 

  • UPC: 038858068064
  • Manufacturer: Syndicate Home & Garden
  • SKU: 1-009957

Includes glass container, glass lid, hydro stones, soil, and moss. 

Don't let your hose be an eye sore - add a unique touch while hanging up your hose with this hanger at Plymouth Nursery.

  • UPC: 736210613746
  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests
  • SKU: 3138-189

Annual. Even cats need their greens! This organic barley, oats, and wheat blend is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Not only does cat grass help in digestion by moving the hairballs along, but it gives them a shiny coat and freshens breath! Because it’s grown indoors, cat grass can be served year-round at its peak of freshness. Grass is ready to eat in as little as two weeks! 

  • UPC: 736210762642
  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests

25-30 Days. How do you make a nutitional powerhouse even more nutritious? Grow it as a baby green! Kale baby greens can be grown indoors at any time of year and are a nutrient-packed way to get your “green fix” in winter. Loaded with vitamins A and C with big boosts of calcium, protein, iron, and fiber, you'll be callling it Red "Winner" Kale! Move containers as needed for best light exposure and temperature. Harvest when 2"‒4" tall and enjoy! Detailed sowing instructions and recipe inside packet.
This packet sows up to three 10" x 20" flats

  • UPC: 736210474019
  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests
  • SKU: 1-014102
  • Model Number: 4740

Growing microgreens and baby greens is practical and fun! Micro- and baby greens are tiny, tender, and flavorful seedlings of vegetables and/or herbs. Microgreens may be harvested for their youngest leaves, while baby greens are harvested at 2"–4". Both pack a big punch when it comes to nutrients. Studies show they can be up to 40 times richer in vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

  • UPC: 767061724817
  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts
  • SKU: 1-003501
  • Model Number: 72481

Features a classic architectural design, antique bronze finish, and solid steel square bars - not wire.

  • Manufacturer: Robert Allen Home & Garden, LLC
  • Model Number: MPT01185

Individual 10” Dimpled Glass globes. New design in garden art.