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  • UPC: 3125-990
  • SKU: 51679 00101

Orange planter insert. Use less potting soil in large planters. Plant support.

This heavy-duty caddy holds up to 250 lbs. Makes plants easy to move and keeps water off the floor. Plastec Products.

  • Model Number: PIM01030-M

A durable, injection molded planter with a smooth, high gloss finish makes it perfect for adding color to your décor indoors or outdoors. Not having a drain hole allows for mess free planting or for use as a vibrant pot cover. The rounded shape provides healthy root growth and a steady surface. Limelight Green.

  • UPC: 693061000180

Our collection of high quality heavy guage borosilicate glass terrariums also can serve as a candle holder!

  • Model Number: 6052

Each ceramic Plant Nanny Stake is specially designed to release just the right amount of moisture into the soil. You create the water reservoir by filling an empty wine, water or soda bottle with water and attaching the included, drip-free, threaded adaptor. As the soil begins to dry, the device slowly releases more water (through gravity/diffusion). Plus, by using clear bottles, you can easily see when its time to add more water. Perfect for flowers, plants or veggies.

Handmade Glass Terrariums using reclaimed raw materials from abandoned and deconstructed homes in Detroit. Detroit made. Detroit reclaimed.

The Down Under Plant Caddie allows you to move pots up to 500 lbs with ease on five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheel casters. One locking caster helps keep the caddie securely in place.

Rootcup®  helps to propagate plant cuttings, it has these unique features: protects a cutting’s roots from light, which helps roots grow. Holds the cutting’s leaves above the water to prevent rotting. The shape of the lid captures water so cuttings need little attention. The slotted flexible lid easily opens to remove cuttings. Rootcup®  can be cleaned in a dishwasher or in boiling water to sterilize and reuse. Highly UV resistant, nonporous, water proof and flexible.

  • UPC: 641341144307

The Down Under Plant Caddie allows you to move pots up to 500 lbs with ease on five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheel casters. One locking caster helps keep the caddie securely in place.

  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests
  • Model Number: 4701

Introducing the Botanical Interests® Seed Sprouter. Now you can grow up to 4 varieties of our healthful, delicious sprouts at once. We designed our sprouter to work better than the rest. Our larger trays and unique removable tray dividers give you lots of options. Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and delicious…and a fraction of the price!

Hand made terra cotta article, with a pressed logo "Robert Stevens &  Potters, Since 1875." Not frost-resistant. Volume per pot: 0.3 Liter.

The kit features everything needed to cultivate your own terrarium: a 100% recycled glass terrarium, available in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch sizes, along with charcoal, orchid mix, terrarium soil, moss, gravel, stones, decorative accents and building and care instructions.

Plymouth Nursery has a wide selection of Ceramic Pots, with plenty of colors, sizes and shapes to choose from! Achieve any style or create any accent to your home or garden with our colorful Ceramic Pots!

The Cape Cod's clean symmetrical design and steep pitched roof, hark back to the sturdy New England cottages built to withstand the battering of the stormy Northeastern Coast. Our Cape Cod may only face the peril of a wobbly side table, but it will serve as a dashing home for your plants or mossery. Made in the USA.

This Garden Bowl will fit in any setting around your home or garden!

  • UPC: 726232259374
  • Manufacturer: Deroma
  • SKU: 1-010438

Use this Hanging Planter as a unique accent to your home or garden!

We have a wide range of styles and colors of premium glazed pottery. Great selection!

  • UPC: 731975959610

Brighten up your home with this colorful pot - fill in with your favorite houseplants!

  • UPC: 843259092057
  • Model Number: AP15007

This unique 15" planter is digitally printed in the USA with 3-year UV-resistant inks. Features a double-walled rim, built-in wheels for easy mobility, and removeable planter insert. Made of lightweight, durable polypropylene.

  • UPC: 674344110079
  • Manufacturer: High Caliper Growing Inc
  • SKU: 1-014497

Aeration container for growing great plants. Smart Pots provides air root pruning, excellent drainage & releases excess heat in hot weather for superb, fibrous root systems. Used for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs & fruit. Lasts for years, can be left outside all year long without worrying about winter damage.

  • UPC: 819176020350
  • Manufacturer: Robert Allen Home & Garden, LLC
  • SKU: 1-014827
  • Model Number: MPT02035

Tin bucket with rope handles. Adds a rustic feel to your display!

  • UPC: 767061724817
  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts
  • SKU: 1-003501
  • Model Number: 72481

Features a classic architectural design, antique bronze finish, and solid steel square bars - not wire.

  • Manufacturer: Syndicate Home & Garden
  • Model Number: 67152400
  • Soaking device helps water your plants.
  • Clay base releases water when soil needs it.
  • Waters your plants by diffusion.
  • Best used with a long neck bottle.