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  • UPC: PEDD1-310-85
  • SKU: 6100-319

8.5' Prelit Downswept Douglas Fir.  Branch tips look and feel like real evergreen needles! Very dense construction.

  • Manufacturer: Sterling

2¹, 3¹, 4¹, lifelike tree set with frosted branches, natural pine cones and red berries. Great for a mantle or small room corner. photo 2. place in category -Christmas: lifelike trees.

  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts

Pre-lit with clear lights. Holiday Concepts is the premier Artificial Christmas Tree line on the market. The quality is in the attention to detail in the shape, structure and presentation of each tree. These beautiful trees will share their beauty year after year and then easily pack away in the off season.

  • Model Number: A124476

Increase the beauty in your home with this King Spruce Trees Christmas Tree. Enjoy the elegance it will add, as well as all of the compliments it will garner throughout the year.

  • Model Number: T132060

4.5' Boxwood Spiral Tree. 306 groups of leaves. Black plastic pot. UV resistant.

What are Dura-Lit Lights? Dura-Lit™ brand patented technology utilizes a microprocessor inside each socket to manage power flow and power consumption to each bulb independently. The chip manages the maximum wattage to each bulb even when multiple bulbs are burned out, broken, twisted or removed.

  • UPC: 734205308707
  • SKU: 1-009164

Prepare for the holidays with a gorgeous Kennedy Fir Lifelike Tree from Plymouth Nursery. Includes 650 Dura-lit lights that stay on for a dazzling display.

  • UPC: 734205179147
  • SKU: 1-011931
  • Model Number: A100376

Includes 400 clear Dura-lit incandescent lights.

  • UPC: 734205308424
  • SKU: 4-009165
  • Model Number: A138076

Includes 500 clear Dura-lit lights.

  • UPC: 734205407462
  • SKU: 1-011826
  • Model Number: A164081

Includes 1200 clear, warm white Dura-lit lights.

  • SKU: Holiday Concepts
  • Model Number: 75183C
  • Light options: Clear, or Multi
  • 1-015952 

  • Manufacturer: Ho Wah Gentin Kintron Sdnbhd
  • SKU: Holiday Concepts
  • Model Number: 77205C