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  • UPC: 052088066324
  • SKU: 494685
Manufacturer: Noma/Inliten-Import Long life, over 1,000 hours of bulb life. Uses 2 "AA" alkaline batteries.

  • UPC: 087449974321
  • SKU: 113867
Manufacturer: Santa's Best Craft LLC GE 100 Count, Warm White LED Crystal Miniature Icicle Set

  • UPC: 087449975069
  • SKU: 114024
Manufacturer: Santa's Best Craft LLC 50 count, warm white, with LED C5 Crystal Ice light Set.

  • UPC: 8744997575-5
  • SKU: 6100-358

G.E. 100 LED C-5 Multi-Colored Lights.

  • UPC: 257500
  • SKU: 6200-085

100 Commercial Grade tangle-free lights. 3 year, 3,000 hours. Indoor/outdoor.

100 count multi indoor or outdoor mini ligihts. Light strand stays lit, even with loose or burned out bulb.

  • UPC: 607691630860
  • Model Number: TLL60-12

Manufacturer: Jascotina. Angel Tear Lights. 36" Low voltage twig lights can be connected end to end. Use as decorations in garland or on a tree.

200 C-3 multi-colored lights on an easy-to-hang reel. 90% savings, connect up to 10 strings, 10 x longer life, stays lit tho one or more go out, cool-touch, green wire, indoor/ outdoor.

  • UPC: 607691630822
  • Model Number: AT-6X45L

LED lights adorn pliable wire to make up this unique product that can be used for various decorating projects. This six-strand set comes with an adapter to easily plug into a standard outlet to turn your wall, table, or any surface into a huge display of bright lights. The LED technology makes them extremely reliable and energy efficient. 45 Lights/String. By Jascotina.

  • Manufacturer: General Electric

50 clear incandescent lights.13.5" tree top. Green wire. Indoor use only. 2 year limited guarantee.

  • Model Number: 50206

Traditional-looking iron candle lanterns have glass sides and feature a melted edge look LED candle with a built-in 6-hour timer. Has a loop for hanging. Indoor/outdoor use.

Using up to 90% less power than traditional bulbs, using LED strings or bulbs and cords is a great way to save money.

  • Manufacturer: Gerson International
  • SKU: 1-011423

Add to your holiday home decor!

This glass globe glows from within, show its snowflake design and lighting a dimly lit area.

  • UPC: 687293317871
  • Manufacturer: Gerson International
  • SKU: 1-011425
  • Model Number: 2281650

Includes 180 LED lights on 6' garland strand.